Thyspunt Nuclear Power Station would alter residents quality of life forever

The updated Impact Studies regarding the suitability of Thyspunt, near St Francis Bay for the construction of a nuclear power plant admit that the quality of life of residents would change unequivocally and that only the passage of time will mitigate that sense of change.

“The proposed Nuclear Power Station (NPS) and associated infrastructure will bring about a fundamental change in sense of place at Thyspunt,” says the report.

It continues: “It is only the passage of time that will steadily mitigate the huge sense of change that will be experienced at Thyspunt and for some residents it is a change that they will never get used to.

Many of the residents specifically live in that area due to the sense of place that prevails currently and the sense of being in a remote and peaceful environment.”

The Kouga will be turned into an industrial zone through Thyspunt and there is nothing to prevent that from happening, should the construction go ahead.

The reports also admit that crime will increase in the area. There will be an influx of job seekers into the Kouga and many will not find work.

This will lead to an increase in crime as well as place more pressure on the infrastructure of Kouga, as more informal settlements will develop and more RDP houses will eventually need to be built. There is a current shortage of over 13 000 houses in Kouga.

More clinics, hospitals, police, schools and law enforcement officials will be required to handle the influx.

Arcus Gibbs