Raw milk production up 3,4 percent in 8 months to August

Milk production has increased in Zimbabwe

Raw milk production up 3,4 percent in 8 months to August

ZIMBABWE’S raw milk production in the eight months to August 2015 increased 3,4 percent to 37,5 million litres compared to 36,32 million litres same period in 2014 largely on growth of various dairy heifer schemes which are now contributing to production.

Milk and dairy products producers have over the past two years been running dairy heifer importation schemes to boost milk production. These include Dairibord Zimbabwe Limited, Nestle Zimbabwe,
Dendairy, Alpha and Omega among others.

Figures released by the Dairy Services Department in the Ministry of Agriculture Mechanisation and Irrigation Development indicates monthly average production at 4,7 million litres compared to 2014’s 4,5 million litres.

Based on these assumptions, 2015’s output is expected to be higher than last year’s 55 million litres.

The Zimbabwe Association of Dairy Farmers (ZADF) estimates the country’s raw milk production this year to rise by between 0,5 to 1 percent as the country moves to rebuild its herd and increase capacity.
According to the figures, raw milk intake rose 1,31 percent to 32,88 million litres from 32,46 million litres in prior year.

Retailed milk on other hand improved 30,52 percent to 4,68 million litres compared to 3,86 million litres in prior year.

The dairy industry is currently operating at 45 percent capacity with an estimated 223 registered dairy operators and a total dairy herd of about 26 000 animals. FinX