Burkina Faso coup: who, where and what next?

Popular resistance to the Burkina Faso coup: who, where and what next?

by Eloise Bertrand

As in October 2014, huge numbers of Burkinabé have taken to the streets. But this time round, it may be mobilisations in secondary towns that are particularly important.

Less than a year after hundreds of thousands of people rose up to protest the rule of President Blaise Compaoré, eventually leading to the end of his 27-year reign, Burkinabé protesters find themselves back on the streets.

On 16 September, just weeks before scheduled elections that would have ended the country’s one-year transition, the presidential guard (RSP) shocked the country by seizing power. It created an obscure National Council of Democracy (CND) and put at its head General Gilbert Diendéré, RSP chief and close ally of former President Compaoré.

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