Samsung – LG game changers: smartphones with foldable screens

In July, Samsung launched it’s widely anticipated Galaxy S6 Edge, and Galaxy S6 to rave reviews. CNET described it as the the company’s best-looking handset. Ever,” and Mashable called it “the most advanced smartphone ever made.” The Galaxy S6 edge has a slightly curved display, which is a bold attempt in the design of smartphones. However, with the newly discovered patent filed by the South Korean multinational conglomerate, it seems the company is taking things a notch higher for their next CES launch.

The company might have a phone with a foldable display in the works. This would let you hold a phone in one hand for normal smartphone-style applications, or unfold the phone into a small tablet by revealing additional screen space. Rumours of such a phone have been in circulation for a while now. Two years ago, there were reports of a similar patent filed by Samsung in South Korea.

Now it does look and sound like the remake of the ‘flip phone’ rather than an innovative foldable display, but the patent states that there will be a mesh-like textile to act as some sort of cover for the display.


Unfortunately for Samsung, this revolutionary innovation will likely not be unique to them; LG’s G Flex series are not only curved, but can flex a bit without breaking. According to News reports, the company is said to also have foldable screen for smartphones under development, and is mass-producing the screens to meet an order by a US-based company.

While plans for the phone with the LG flex screens are said to still be in the works, and the company which placed the order is unknown, it’s been described as a “global software business” that hopes to compete with Samsung and Apple in the premium smartphone space.

LG’s foldable display is said to feature a plastic board and a touch panel that works even after it has been folded and unfolded thousands of times. Right now, all there is are speculations; neither company has confirmed working on a foldable phone yet.

Foldable phone concept Credit - Coroflot
Foldable phone concept
Credit – Coroflot

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