Will Tsaboin Traffic Talk app ease traffic in Lagos?

Africa’s most populous city, Lagos which is also the business hub of Nigeria is known for heavy traffic gridlocks. This morning was one of those days with terrible traffic congestion. Vehicular movement was brought to a stand still due to the illegal parking of heavy vehicles on the road. These heavy vehicles were parked on the roads since Saturday evening stretching from Apapa to Ikorodu road, and from Apapa to Isolo axis. Commercial vehicles also took advantage of the situation to increase transport fare.

The traffic is so bad I saw drivers sleeping on their steering wheels at Apapa,” a woman who followed that route to Palmgroove said.

This is what Lagosians had to say about the impact of the gridlock:

In view of constant gridlocks in Lagos, one of the foremost traffic report application and the biggest Nigeria’s traffic monitoring site, Tsaboin reiterated its commitment to easing traffic in Lagos.

Tsaboin’s Traffic Talk application allows Lagos road users to share real time experiences, road conditions and related issues such as accidents and bad roads through text messages and live video feeds.

Although Tsaboin is not the only application developed to ease traffic in Lagos, it has a unique feature that makes it different from other traffic monitoring apps. This special feature is the installation of cameras in 17 strategic locations in Lagos. The app is also optimized for short messaging services, desktop and mobile phone users, and it is data friendly. Currently, the app has over 20, 000 subscribers who can subscribe to over 1,100 bus stops.

Traffic monitoring sites are doing quite a lot to prevent people from being caught up in traffic. Information supplied will at least help road users to know which route to and not to ply. Unfortunately, these apps do not seem to be reducing the gridlocks in Lagos, but they at least provide options for drivers.

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