New towns tenants to start paying their lease contract

Luanda - The Imogestin - the company responsible for managing the centralities, new housing developments and public houses - will resume, as from October this year, the collection of the monthly payments to customers who have purchased houses in the centralities of Sequele, kilometer 44, Kilamba and Musseque Kapari in Luanda.

The payment will be made through the Housing Development Fund, an entity created on 25 August of this year and managed by Imogestin.

According to the chairman of Board of Directors of Imogestin, Rui Cruz, who was speaking at the end of the 2nd extraordinary session (Joint) Economic Commission and the Commission for Real Economy of the Cabinet Council, payments to be made in October are referent to the year 2015.

Regarding the payment of 2014, it will be deferred to another year at the end of the total payment period. "The customer, who has reimbursement contract for 20 years, will pay the year 2014, adding another year to the original deadline in the contract"

Rui Cruz said there will be new developments in the payment system and, instead, to be solely annual it can also include the monthly option.

He said that these are payments that could be made via ATM or by bank transfer.

After reporting on the approval of changes in the trading rules for the next sales phase, Rui Cruz said that the prices to be charged in the second phase will be based on those already made on the centralities of Sequele, Kilometer 44, Kilamba and Musseque Kapari.

He said base prices in the sale of houses in the centralities in Luanda may be adjusted in each province, at maximum until 25 percent.