Nestoil Towers: Like a Colossus in Victoria Island’s Skyline

A new edifice that would for years to come remain a defining touchstone in structural design and architectural elegance has risen in Victoria Island, Lagos, and it’s no surprise why it has been a talking point ever since, writes Bennett Oghifo.

Buildings have long gone beyond serving goals that are merely functional; they have invariably become artistic statements whose aesthetic allure is comparable to an exquisite oil painting on a shimmering canvas. And like works of art lend some beauty to their surrounding space, so do buildings to streets and neighbourhoods. It’s for similar reasons that the Nestoil Towers has been such a compelling presence in its Victoria Island, Lagos, location.

Since the protective screen that had obscured a full view during construction was unfurled, the structure has cast a seductive spell, drawing adoring glances. “Caring for the environment is an integral part of us, and so we decided to construct a structure that is intelligent, environmentally friendly and pleasing in aesthetics,” a statement from the company announces. If there was any doubt those goals had been achieved, a look at some of its features would dispel such notion.