Prefabs Find Class in Kitengela Estate Despite Slow Uptake


On a six-acre piece of land in Kitengela, Athi River, a 56-house development is slowly taking shape.

This, though, is not your usual housing project. It does not have the normal frenzy of a construction site, for starters. Also, there seems to be something more than just building houses going on here, given that there is a huge rig on site.

A site manager tells us that they plan to put up 56 villas within four months. We tell her that is not possible, and she tells us oh yes, it is possible.

To prove us wrong, she takes us to a corner of the site. And there, as the afternoon Kitengela sun roasts our skulls, a skeleton of what will be a four-bedroom semi-detached villa slowly takes shape within a few hours.