Squatters haunt Jwaneng

The only woman among a company of three men finds solace in a hot cup of tea, occasionally whisking away the smoke that seems to be targeting her teary eyes. Her male companions are casually chatting about this and that and the youthful one on her right is enjoying a bowl of stiff porridge and milk.

From a small distance a toddler is seen playing with sand, oblivious of what is happening in his surroundings.

This would seem like a normal set up of a low class homestead in any given area in Botswana, except that this particular scene is an illegal residential site commonly known as squatter camp. Popularly known as Nagamphabatho, the camp is situated outside the Jwaneng township’s southern gate, and, like other squatter camps, it is characterised by old structures made of cheap material such as secondhand plastics and wood.

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