Infrastructure Development - East Africa Is On the Move

East Africa is the fastest growing sub-region on the continent, with economic growth expected to expand by 5.6% this year, well above the continental average of 4.5% or Southern Africa's 3.1%. But in an odd contradiction to regional growth trends, East Africa's infrastructure is one of the least developed in Africa. Infrastructure development is thus paramount for the sub-region to reach its full potential and many 'mega' infrastructure projects are currently under way in the region. By LYAL WHITE and ADRIAN KITIMBO.

Kenya's standard gauge railway (SGR), a new rail track that will stretch from Mombasa to Nairobi, is the most ambitious infrastructure project in the country since independence. The 609km-long line is expected to cost $3.6-billion, with China's Exim Bank footing 90% of the bill and the Kenyan government providing the other 10%.