Time to make Tshwane investor friendly - DA's Msimanga

Genevieve Quintal, News24

Pretoria - DA Tshwane mayoral candidate Solly Msimanga plans on turning the country's capital city into an investor-friendly destination.

"We want to make sure that people feel they can actually come and invest in the city," he told News24.

"How do you do that? You make sure the city is actually clean, it's safe and it's open for business."

Msimanga said people did not feel safe in the city.

There were also hardly any big companies or corporations operating in the Pretoria CBD.

"Currently, a lot of people feel the hostility and they feel the city is not safe, that they cannot come and invest and that is something we want to turn around.

"We want to make sure the city has no potholes, it has street lights that are working, and all the traffic lights are working."

Drugs problem

Msimanga said, if elected Tshwane mayor, he would also sort out the problem of nyaope which had become a big issue in the metro, especially in the townships.

The DA wanted to introduce a narcotics unit into the metro police that would deal with the problem.

"We want to make sure that in each and every ward there are people dedicated to making sure that we can actually fight on a daily basis the selling and peddling of drugs," he said.

Msimanga also had plans to sort out the issues regarding informal traders or hawkers in the city, saying they needed to be treated with respect.

He said informal traders were being manhandled by the metro police and that when their stock was confiscated, it was often missing when they went to reclaim it.

"Informal traders also play a very, very huge role in the economy. So we need to make sure we create that space.

"Obviously we will not want to have a situation where people are selling all over the place in the CBD, but we need to also provide suitable, comfortable working spaces."

Msimanga said the DA would make sure informal traders were registered, but this would not be a "painful" process.

He said the DA would also launch investigations into procurement blunders the city has embarked on including the contract for the smart prepaid electricity meter programme.

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