Police seize gold and diamonds worth US$2,4 million


GOVERNMENT says gold and diamonds worth UD$2,4 million were recovered from unauthorized dealers between September 2014 and August this year.

The minerals were seized from about 360 people.

“Recoveries between September 2014 and August 2015 of gold and diamonds valued at US$2, 452, 034. 82 has been made. This is as a result of close collaboration between the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development and the Zimbabwe Republic Police,” the ministry of Mines and Mining Development said in a statement.

Matabeleland South Province tops the gold cases while Harare Province tops the diamonds cases.
“In some cases smuggling of the gold and diamonds to outside the country was intercepted,” the statement said.

“Efforts to stamp out smuggling of the minerals will be intensified.”

Government early this year directed all gold milling firms to deposit their gold with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ)’s Fidelity Printers or risk being shut down as it sought to plug leakages.

Government also sent monitoring teams to sites to ensure adherence to the directive to prevent illegal gold outflows.

Mineral leakages continue to plague Zimbabwe, costing the country billions of dollars in potential revenue as minerals find their way outside the country through illegal means. FinX