JLK Construction in serial wage disputes

By Yochanaan Coetzee

PASSING motorists have become accustomed to seeing a visibly disgruntled group of more than 15 workers gathered in front of the structure under construction at the corner of John Meinert and Mandume Ndemufayo streets in Windhoek over the past two months.

Yesterday, it was no different.

Salom Joseph of Billo Trading, the main contractor, said JLK Namibia has been deducting large amounts from their payments without prior notification or sends them from pillar to post when they attempt to enquire when they will be paid their salaries.
“These South African companies come here to take advantage of us. We, the subcontractors, are not even properly contracted to do the work. There is nothing on paper, we must just do the work and wait for them to do as they wish with us,” he said.
Another subcontractor Shikalepo Ananias of Endimbi cc agred.

“This is not right, we need government to intervene, because we are suffering. Even our workers want to fight us, but what can we do if we are not paid in full or on time,” he said.

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