Architects’ Convention Critiques Building Height in Addis

There is consensus on the need for regulation but disagreement on details

The Association of Ethiopian Architects’ (AEA) had a debate over the building height revision that the city of Addis Abeba began implementing six months ago.

The Association that held its 17th Annual Convention and exhibition at Sheraton Addis from August 28 to 29, 2015 had a hot debate during the last panel of the first day of the Convention. The panel discussion on “Regulatory Components of the Structure plan of Addis Abeba: Building Height”, was attended by Lealem Berhanu, deputy manager of the Addis Abeba and Surrounding Oromia Integrated Development Plan Project office that worked on the revision of the Master Plan for the city with the Addis Abeba City Administration Urban Planning Institute.

The chance of speaking was given to only few speakers and the panel entertained limited questions reasoning that there was a time constraint. The panellists unanimously agreed that there needs to be a limit in building height but the current revision of the city’s Master Plan was said to be inconsiderate of the city’s context, specifically, land availability.