Gauteng Premier: There will be consequences for dodgy finances

Adam Wakefield, News24

Johannesburg - Gauteng government and public entity officials linked to financial mismanagement will be held responsible for their actions, Premier David Makhura said on Tuesday.

Addressing journalists following the release of the auditor general's report for the 2014/15 financial year, the premier said every political departmental head and accounting officer had to account for the financial functioning of his or her department.

"I just want to emphasise that every single political head and accounting officer has to account and will be held accountable," the premier said at the provincial legislature in Johannesburg.

The provincial health department, which failed to receive a clean audit, has been a protracted problem over some time.

"I want to be satisfied as the premier that everything is being done by the political head of departments and the accounting officers to ensure financial management. I want to emphasise there will be consequences," Makhura said.

"Where there is no compliance with supply chain, there will be consequences."

Makhura said government did not want to celebrate its departments and entities receiving a clean audit, as they should reflect business as usual.

"A clean audit must be normal. We don't want to be celebrating it. It is a statement of public confidence that government is managing its resources in the way it should be done," the premier said.