Why We Now Have Electricity – Amadi

PAUL CHIAMA, Pembi David-Stephen

Sam Amadi is the chairman, Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC). In this interview with PEMBI DAVID-STEPHEN and PAUL CHIAMA, he speaks of the recent successes made in the power reform initiative, the challenges in the power sector and what Nigerians should expect from the sector, among other issues.

It has been observed that power supply seems to have improved lately, why is there “light” now?

Well, we are happy that we are seeing increase in capacity even though we are not satisfied with what we have. We need to do a lot more than we have done and we hope to do more. But essentially, we have light because, one; it is a combination of several activities we have taken especially towards the end of last year. We had meetings with Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). We thought that we have done everything we could do in terms of general regulatory framework but what was missing was project management; closer effective look at the detailing of the electricity market.

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