Onukaba to Build Modern Homes in Kogi

Bennett Oghifo

Kogi State has a severe housing deficit that should be bridged, observed Dr. Adinoyi Ojo Onukaba, a front runner for the governorship race on the platform of All Progressive Party (APC) in the state. According to Onukaba, “Many of our people live in shacks and those who want to build or buy decent homes face many constraints. The people of Kogi cannot continue to live this way.”

He said Kogi’s proximity to the Federal Capital Territory ought to have encouraged the state in terms of development had the past administrations been mindful of their responsibilities to the people in this aspect.

The Abuja model is what Onukaba hopes to reproduce in Kogi when he becomes the governor of the state. “It is my wish to redefine the concept of living in Kogi State. The Kogi housing project will witness a closed urbanisation with all the necessary services available and with the aim of providing maximum quality for all,” he said.

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