Blantyre City to Construct and Rehabilitate Over 100 Public Conveniences

Blantyre, August 25: Blantyre City Council (BCC) Mayor has unveiled the construction and rehabilitation of more than 100 public conveniences with a view to improve the sanitation situation which has lately been greatly compromised and unattended to for some decades.

Malawi News Agency (Mana) established this on Saturday in an interview with BCC publicist Anthony Kasunda.

“Indeed, I concur with your observation that nowadays, you rarely see these public conveniences fully operational and managed by the council due to various setbacks and shortcomings. Further to that, some if not all public toilets are surely managed by private operators.

“The council further observed that the situation was now becoming out of hand and that it was indeed a human health hazard issue, we resolved to involve the private hands and consequently the mayor's council has just launched more than 100 toilet construction and rehabilitation project in the city,” clarified the BCC publicist.

However, the BCC publicist was quick to disclose that the involvement of the private sector does not necessarily mean the council has handed over the cleansing and sanitary responsibility to them, but rather pretty knows that the absence of such sanitary facilities contributes greatly to communicable, air and waterborne diseases and no wonder the council's mayor has recently unveiled the toilet construction and rehabilitation project.

According to Kasunda, the project aims at constructing and rehabilitating more than 100 public conveniences throughout the council's jurisdiction.

The BCC publicist further hinted that this is the council's gumption or initiative to eradicate the rampant open defecation around the households and beneath the streets' planted trees, a move which he says will enhance and complement the Beautify Malawi Trust's (BEAM) concerted efforts of keeping the country's surroundings clean and hygienic throughout the year.

Meanwhile, the country's First Lady, Madam Gertrude Mutharika, who is championing the trust is tirelessly working hand in hand with stakeholders, well wishers, concerned individuals and the general public at large in successfully achieving the hygienic standards across the country.

Asked to shed more light on whether the private operators pay part of their daily revenue to the council, Kasunda explained that whilst it is appreciable for what the private hands are doing in the enhancement of public hygiene throughout the city, part of the levied revenue is remitted to the council so as to financially empower it for its numerous and intended services expected of it to its both residents and visitors from other parts of the continent.

The BCC publicist wound up by pinpointing that the project intends to prevent its residents and visitors from communicable, air and waterborne diseases due to the rampant open defecation within and outside dwelling units, saying the move also coincidentally augurs well with the Health Ministry's Number One priority dubbed ' prevention is better than cure'.