Beautiful neighbourhood competition to be launched

Pretoria – Eastern Cape residents who take pride in their communities will be pleased to know their efforts could be rewarded in a new competition which will be launched during Arbor Week.

“In a programme designed to change the outlook of Eastern Cape townships, the Provincial Department of Human Settlements will introduce the Most Beautified, Cleanest and Enhanced Neighbourhood competition during the Arbor week this year.

“The competition is a call to action for communities to start their own initiatives of beautifying, cleaning and enhancing their neighborhoods,” said the provincial Department of Human Settlements on Monday.

The department is challenging individuals and community organisations to showcase what they have done as a community to beautify, clean and enhance their communities.

Winners of the competition will be recognised and awarded at the Annual Provincial Govan Mbeki Awards.

Qualifying projects will be scored according to the following categories:

- Most Beautified and Cleanest

- Waste Management and Recycling

- Greening: Planting of trees, food gardens and environmental friendly neighbhourhoods

- Most Enhanced: Use of available natural resources, availability of recreational facilities, roads, clinics etc

Community projects will be assessed by independent judges and the winning neighbourhood can expect to win some great prizes which will benefit of their community, including food and garden implements, waste management tools and sporting equipment.

The competition will be launched in Dutywa on 4 September 2015 with numerous other activities planned for the day.

There will be site visits to community enhancement projects as well as a handover of a new residential settlement.