Over 55 Priority Projects For Execution in South West

A Regional workshop took place at the Buea Municipal council on August 12, 2015 to list projects for immediate implementation.

The Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development, MINEPAT, has organized a regional workshop to update priority Public Investment Projects, PIP for 2016-2018 in the South West region.

Speaking during the workshop, the Head of the Mission from Yaounde, Samuel Mekontchou revealed that in the 2014-2016 priority PIP programme, 55 projects were programmed to be executed in Buea and FCFA 33 billion was allocated for the implementation. He said 23 projects were executed and 22 were still ongoing. As of June 2015, the projects were 83.7 percent completed.

The projects to be earmarked are identified by the councils of the region and the public. They are immediate or matured projects ready to be implemented. These are projects like electrification, road infrastructures, water supply, and classrooms among others. The projects will be developed through the bottom-up procedure (going down to start with the problems of the grassroots).

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