GPTF-funded patrol camps under construction


The Game Products Trust Fund (GPTF) board has approved N$2.4 million for the establishment of permanent patrol camps for wildlife law enforcement and crime prevention by the Special Field Force. The unit is said to experience difficulties with accommodation while working to protect the country’s fauna against poachers.

The board says the money will enable the Ministry of Environment and Tourism to construct 16 permanent patrol camps throughout the country for law enforcement officials engaged in wildlife crime prevention.

Early this month, GPTF board members were re-appointed based on their outstanding performance, as they largely implemented projects that have had a positive impact on conservation, wildlife management and rural development in various areas. Of the N$64.9 million approved for funding of projects for the period 2012- 2015, the board managed to disburse N$50.4 million to applicants who have greatly benefited in terms of livelihood improvement, as they depend directly on the environment for survival.