Donald Buys 3,000 Web Names

Donald Trump

Donald Trump and his companies own thousands of eclectic domain names

US PRESIDENTIAL  hopeful Donald Trump owns more than 3,000 domain names to thwart potential cyber-squatters looking to damage his image.

An analysis of a domain database by Business Insider shows that 3,153 web address are registered to the Trump Organisation’s general counsel.

Domain names can cost as little as a few pounds, but can cost much more if they are particularly in demand.
They include his presidential campaign site and his company site – as well as a host of other domain names snapped up to avoid others from exploiting them.

They include – a reference the catchphrase on his US television show The Apprentice.
vAnother address purchased is, an apparent reference to the liquor line he launched which later flopped.

Several other addresses refer to Mr Trump’s business activities in a negative light – including, and

Mr Trump, who is currently suing Univision after it dropped its coverage of the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants which he co-owns, also registered

Several of the web addresses claimed by Mr Trump’s organisation relate to his past and present political endeavours.
The businessman hinted that he’d run for president in 2012, and the web addresses,, and reflect this.

Others hint at future business ventures, such as,, and

Some are just plain weird, like