Making houses affordable using building ‘waste’

Gitonga Marete

The high cost of mortgage loans and the equally high construction costs have made owning a home a pipe dream for many Kenyans. However, one man has the technology that could just make home ownership easier for many Kenyans.

Haran Manyeki does not use the familiar standard bricks, but moulds longer ones, hence reducing the number of joints on the walls.

His main raw material is what many would consider construction waste: the mounds of sand and debris found at construction sites that are often used to cover potholes. This is what he mixes with cement to build the walls.

“With this technology, you save on cement, labour and other related costs such as transporting materials, especially bricks, from quarries,” ge says. “In total, it can save between 30 and 50 per cent of the cost of walls, without the finishing.”

So, where and how did he learn the technology?