NamWater threatens with dire consequences

By Yochanaan Coetzee

NAMIBIA faces a serious water crisis and if consumers do not change their consumption rate and conserve the precious resource, the consequences will be dire.

Speaking at a press conference in Windhoek yesterday, Andre Mostert, NamWater manager of hydrology said: “This year's inflow into dams has been very low and we are currently using more water than what is sustainable for the next two years and because of this, we can potentially run out of supplies sooner than anticipated.”

He said projections were based on a no inflow model, where there is little or no water flowing into reservoirs and dams.

Currently all NamWater's reservoirs are operational and water is being pumped to Von Bach dam from the smaller dams for better storage. The Von Bach dam is currently 33,5% full while Omatako dam in the Otjozondjupa, which has a capacity of about 44 million cubic metres, currently resembles “a small farm dam.”

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