President Kagame inaugurates Kigali City Hall

Yesterday, President Paul Kagame alongside Kigali City mayor Fidèle Ndayisaba inaugurated two new additions to Kigali skyline, M. Peace Plaza and Kigali City Hall. In his message to the business community nationwide, the President called them on to change their mindset, believe in the abundant opportunities available, as well as their immense potentials, as the only way to the Rwanda’s socio-economic transformation.

Basing on what has been achieved so far, President Kagame stressed that what businesspeople have been able to do in Rwanda proves that they can achieve more.

“I am demanding because I believe that we are capable of so much more. What we have achieved shouldn’t make us complacent, but rather we should base on it to work harder than even to achieve even more.”

The President further stressed that Rwanda’s transformation is a message to those who, in the past, attempted to destroy the nation. “We, as leaders, chose to believe in the rebirth of our country, a nation that would be better than it has ever been. We had two options; to accept where we were or to demand more from ourselves. Our progress is not the result of an overnight miracle. It is done by people like you.”

President Kagame emphasised that Private - Public partnership should be encouraged and that both parties should work together and demand the best from each other.

During an interactive town hall meeting with the business people and investors that followed the inauguration of the two buildings, the Head of State advised them to never hesitate to seek solutions from the relevant institutions and individuals in the public sector, to enable them to make more and beneficial investments.

President Kagame also encouraged the business people to cultivate confidence and invest more in real estate and ensure they get real value for their money as well, because poor infrastructure is costly in the long run.