This mobile waterless car wash will offer huge benefits to Nigerians

A large number of people ranging from auto dealers to car owners and intending car wash owners gathered to watch the demonstration of Green Machine; a mobile waterless car wash system, in Ajayi Aina area of Gbagada, Lagos state. At that moment a shocking discovery was made— to the amazement of speculators, a trained operator was able to successfully clean a Nissan Almera using water-soluble wax, micro fibre cloth and only a little water.

car wash
Comprehensively cleaning a car within minutes.

The mobile car wash which works in a 3 step process, begins with simply spraying on before wiping off and buffing the body of the car to a shine. With its unique features, the Green Machine is also designed to promote environmental-friendliness by generating good results without the use of large volumes of water. This leaves quite a decent surrounding which would otherwise have been wet or very flooded in some cases. It is easy to move around and can be taken to offices, homes, and hotels making the entire process convenient for car owners everywhere.

The Chief Executive Officer of Green Machine Nigeria, Kemi Koyejo explained that “[…] the Green Machine uses waterless carwash products that lift the dirt from the vehicle by a process of emulsification; meaning that the spray breaks down the dirt into molecules, surrounds and coats the dirt molecules, lifting them off the surface.” She also added that this helps preserve car paint and prevents corrosion of the body.

Mrs Koyejo also stated the potential of using this mobile waterless car wash as a tool for empowering the youths, stressing that Green Machine Nigeria would be open to partnerships with local governments, state government councils and other interested organisations. She explained that while her company would train the benefiting youths on how to operate the system, the other party would buy the machines for them at discounted prices.

This innovation not will not only benefit the hospitality industry, auto dealers and other corporate organisations, but serves as a possible means of reducing unemployment and crime in Africa’s largest economy.

Green Machine Nigeria will, apart from running a car wash service located in Gbagada provide interested customers with fleets of vehicles. The supplier plans to appoint dealers for Lagos and parts of the country to meet the needs of Nigerians all over the country while ensuring they enjoy “huge benefits” accordingly.

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