'Red Ants' evict dozens in Hillbrow

Naledi Shange, News24

Johannesburg - The so-called Red Ants hurled belongings from windows as they evicted dozens of families from the Willston Court building in Hillbrow, Johannesburg, on Wednesday morning.

Residents watched from across the street as the Red Ants went from flat to flat, emerging with their belongings. News24 witnessed some smaller items being thrown from the windows while larger items such as beds, couches, wardrobes and fridges were carried out.

The evictions started at 07:00, and caused great unhappiness among the tenants, who were not allowed to move their goods themselves. Officials at the scene said this was because the Red Ants could not allow people to take items without first verifying who the rightful owners were.

"Things are just messed up here and they aren't allowing us to take our things. I'm afraid we will lose our things," said one woman who did not want to give her name.

Lawyer Lucky Mhlanga, representing the residents, told reporters the evictions were unlawful and that the matter was still pending in court.

But the sheriff of the court insisted the 1 500 tenants were supposed to have vacated the building last month.

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