Labour law to be amended – President Mugabe


President Mugabe described part of the labour law that allowed the dismissal of employees as “stupid”.

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe on Monday said government would soon take amendments on the Labour Act to Parliament for ratification as part of measures to address the challenge of the arbitrary dismissals.
President Mugabe described part of the labour law that allowed the dismissal of employees as “stupid”.
“The Bill will ensure that there is fairness not just on the part of employers but also fairness that they shall will not just dismiss workers anyhow because they want to widen their margins of profits. No we say no to that. We will protect workers legally,” Mugabe said at the Heroes acre.
Following the court ruling last month, close to 20 000 workers have since been fired in a development that will further increase unemployment levels in the ailing economy.
Government puts unemployment levels at 11 percent but independent economist estimated it at above 80 percent.
The president said economic revival was government’s top priority, adding that investors from friendly countries were welcome to partner the government in exploiting natural resources to grow the economy.
“We invite investors from abroad especially from friendly countries to come and join us in partnerships so that we can transform our economy,” Mugabe said.
Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo last week said amendments would soon be made to stop the firing of workers willy-nilly.
“Cabinet last week approved the labour law amendment, which seeks to protect the workers as well as the employer.
“The (Zanu PF) politburo received a full briefing on the issue and now awaits the Bill to be tabled in Parliament,” he said.
Police in Harare on Saturday blocked a Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU)-led demonstration against continued job losses.
Police sealed the meeting point at the corner of Harare Street and Jason Moyo Avenue and briefly detained the organisers of the demo and journalists who had gone to cover the demonstration.
Scores of people had gathered near ZCTU offices in the morning to prepare for the march when truckloads of police details arrived to break the gathering.