FMCA2015: Municipalities told to develop economies with local resources

Luanda - The president of the Luanda International Trade Fair (FIL), Matos Cardoso, encouraged on Thursday in Luanda city managers and citizens to develop their local economies through the exploitation of natural resources and means existing in place.

Speaking at the inaugural ceremony of the National Fair of Municipalities and Cities of Angola (FMCA - Bitur Okavango 2015), Matos Cardoso urged administrators, employees and residents to empower and get the necessary skills to promote local economies, making the resources available for the well being of the locals and the whole country.

The FIL president also stressed the need for municipalities to strive to reduce dependence on the Public Investment Programme (PIP).

The event taking place under the motto "Life is in the municipalities" is part of the festivities to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the national independence, on November 11.

For four days (until August 9) the Fair will be displaying goods and services and economic, cultural and tourist potentials of the country's municipalities.