Retail Property Booms in Kanye

Kanye is gradually changing its landscape given the recent property boom experienced in the last few years.

It started with the Southern District Council (SDC) twinning with a private investor to construct the famed and iconic Mongala Mall which houses all posh and plum retail operators in the village.

Now the SDC looks set to add more impetus to commerce as they have partnered with a local company, Saza Investments to build yet another multi-million pula shopping centre at the other end of the village popularly known as Mahube.

The councils public relations officer, Mr Thapelo Timuno said they were delighted for captivating another journey with their public, private partnership model.

He declined to state how much the project would cost, saying their partners were against giving out such information. He, however, said the shopping complex would be big as it would also change the Mahube aesthetics and provide employment opportunities. He said they wanted to fully utilise the Trans-Kgalagadi Highway.