Economy melts down as Mugabe succession battle rages unabated

IN one of his short stories, Civil Peace, Chinua Achebe says an African leader who avoids major social and economic issues of contemporary Africa will end up being completely irrelevant “like the absurd man in the proverb who leaves his burning house to pursue a rat fleeing from the flames”.

Elias Mambo

This could be an apt description of President Robert Mugabe and his ruling Zanu PF party leaders as they continue to be seized with long-running succession power struggles while failing to deal with problems dogging the majority of Zimbabweans, most of which are related to the worsening economic crisis.

Although Zanu PF controversially won elections on the back of a promise to create 2,2 million jobs through the implementation of an ambitious economic blue print, ZimAsset crafted after the polls, little has been done to implement the programme because of a combination of a lack of funding and pre-occupation with factional politics informed by Mugabe’s succession.