SA Property Valuation Act to be implemented in August

Mpho Raborife, News24

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma has announced that as of August 1 the Property Valuation Act of 2014 will come into operation.

The presidency said in a statement on Wednesday the act would, among other things, provide regulation of the valuation of property that had been identified for land reform as well as property that had been identified for acquisition or disposal by the department of rural development and land reform.

Spokesperson Harold Maloka said it would also establish functions and powers for the office of the Valuer-General.
The act was approved by Zuma in July 2014.

During his State of the Nation address in February, Zuma said land had become a critical factor in achieving redress for the wrongs of the past.

The second window for lodging land claims was reopened last year.

At the time, Zuma said more than 36 000 land claims had been lodged nationally. The cut-off date is 2019.

Government was exploring the 50/50 policy framework, which proposed relative rights for people who live and work on farms, he said at the time.

Through the land reform programme, more than 90 000 hectares had been allocated to smallholder farmers, farm dwellers and labour tenants.

He said once the act was implemented, the law would "stop the reliance on the willing-buyer, willing-seller method in respect of land acquisition by the state".