Blue Lagoon’s trashy situation

Heavy rains in Durban last week washed piles of garbage off the streets – good for the city, not so good for Blue Lagoon Beach, where it all ended up. LIZEKA MADUNA spoke to Durbanites to find out how they feel about the trash piled up on the beach.

Sabelo MthembuSabelo Mthembu, 32, beach guard, Umlazi
I have spent years on this beach but I have never seen such dirt before. People often come to the beach during weekends and litter but it doesn’t compare to what I have seen during the past few days. Having litter piling up the beach isn’t good at all because Blue Lagoon is mostly occupied by tourists and having to see such dirt portrays a bad image about our city. It’s better today since the municipality workers have cleaned. People need to learn not to litter at all because the trash doesn’t only end up on the streets but when rains – it gets washed off to the shore. As a guard I normally discipline people when I see them littering and make them pick up after themselves; it’s not easy but it’s part of my job.