Land degradation a threat to development in Namibia


Various experts have expressed grave concern about the state of Namibia’s rangelands and the rate at which these life-giving soils are deteriorating.

Communal areas are degrading largely due to uncontrolled animal movement, the inability to enforce grazing plans, and uncontrolled fir events. Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry (MAWF), John Mutorwa, stresses the importance of diversification of income generating opportunities for rural Namibians, and to encourage better use of resources, thereby allowing a positive contribution to farming systems and household security within the Northern Communal Areas (NCAs). Mutorwa says this is in agreement with MAWF’s mandate from Vision 2030, which speaks of sustainable development and natural resources for continued development of the livestock sector. He says it is important to create an enabling environment to achieve the development of Namibia’s “natural capital” for the benefit of the country’s social, economic and ecological well-being.