President Nyusi Inaugurates Chimoio-Espungabera Road

Maputo — Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi, on the first day of a working visit to the central province of Manica, inaugurated a new road between the provincial capital, Chimoio, and Espungabera, capital of Mossurize district, on the border with Zimbabwe.

The road is 230 kilometres long, and construction cost 6.45 billion meticais (about 170 million US dollars at current exchange rates), provided by the Mozambican and Portuguese governments. The work, undertaken by the Portuguese building company Mota Engil began in September 2011, and involved 800 workers, most of them recruited locally.

According to the contractor, two new bridges were built, and streets in towns along the route were tarred.

Prior to this road, the quickest way to reach Espungabera from Chimoio, particularly during the rainy season, was via Zimbabwe. Even in the dry season, the journey between Chimoio and Espungabera on the Mozambican roads used to take between six and eight hours - the new road cuts the time to two and a half hours.

The new paved road does not only end Espungabera's isolation from the rest of the country, but it should also stimulate the development of the other small towns it passes through, such as Sussundenga and Dombe.

Nyusi also inaugurated a meat processing unit, which is part of Mozbife, a cattle enterprise owned by the London-based Agriterra group. Agriterra has invested about 14 million dollars in the meat processing plant.

On its website Agriterra describes Mozbife as “a vertically integrated cattle ranching and feedlot production business which is developing into a ‘field to fork' producer, to capture more of the added value available higher up the food chain, benefitting profitability”.

Agriterra says that Mozbife was established “to supply premium beef to both the domestic market in Mozambique as well as for export”.

The cattle are reared and bred at Agriterra ranches in Mavonde, Inhazono and Dombe, all in Manica, fattened at a feedlot in Vanduzi and butchered at an abattoir in Chimoio. Agriterra owns retail units in Chimoio,Tete, Manica and Beira, and says that its “integrated business approach enables the Group to maximise revenues and margins from the entire value chain”.

Mozambique News Agency