CNN at it again with Kenya

Kenyans are at war with American news network the Cable News Network (CNN) after a  headline referred to their country as a “Terror Hotbed .” Using the hashtag #SomeoneTellCNN, Kenyans have expressed their discontent with CNN’s negative reporting which has earned them a reputation over the years.

The first time CNN caught the rage of Kenyans was when a report in 2012 stated that the violence in Kenya was “widespread,”  whereas it was only in the country’s capital, Nairobi. Even worse was their use of an image which seemed like a scorched Kenyan flag.

CNN Kenya explosion

As if that wasn’t enough,  in  2013, CNN aired a story in what appeared to be a play act in the Rift valley showing youths getting ready to fight ahead of the general elections.

Here is what Kenyans have to say to CNN:

CNN and their negative reports on Africa

Many Africans can attest to the fact that CNN centres on the bad side of incidents in Africa. There are several instances which reveal that CNN’s reports on Africa are hardly factual. An example is putting Tanzania in place of Uganda on the Map of Africa.

Will CNN learn from this or should Africans expect more?

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