At Springfever kitchen


At Springfever kitchen you will never be disappointed

Tucked away in Milton Park in tiny Rowland Square, shaded by giant flowering trees is the pretty little tin roofed establishment housing Springfever — also know as Café Plaaskombhuis, the farmhouse kitchen.

Garden is bright with flowering shrubs, petunias and other flowers overflowing old wheelbarrows, tyres and tin drums. A water feature spills over a wall into an old bath tub. Furniture is a bit mismatched – some painted distressed white, some iron garden tables, covered with blue cloths, fresh roses and all very homely and comfy.

Tables are set up on the narrow verandah and under the lean-to extension — with a couple under umbrellas amongst the shrubbery. Service is attentive, familiar and friendly and one of the big attractions along with the free wifi. In the past I have left 40 Cork Road impatient with their languid service and demand for prepaid internet vouchers for the more hospitable welcome at Springfever.

All might have changed now that ZOL has apparently withdrawn their free hotspots from many outlets. But my phone still picked up the free ZOL wifi last Sunday.
Out of a tiny kitchen, Springfever produces teas, lunches and pre-packed meals for two (US$6). Pop into oven or microwave and reheat for a quick homemade meal. Precooked dinners include stews, curries, lasagne and quiches. They also offer special occasion cakes, cupcakes and high teas for a minimum of six people — with advance notice.

One thing I love about ordering tea at Springfever is the hand knitted tea-cosies keeping the teapots warm. All are different and add to the atmosphere of a welcoming home. Milk tart is excellent and also available to take away. Tea, in a big comforting cosied pot and shared milk tart for three recently was US$5.
Springfever is open daily for breakfast, teas and lunches and offer a different lunch special each day for around US$10. Tempting cooking smells float over to ladies’ gym Curves next door from around 10am making the exercisers even hungrier!
The Sunday lunch special roast buffet (US$20 — discounted to US$12 for over 80s and under 10s) is very popular and judging by the welcome given to many patrons, is a regular outing for some. Menu on this Sunday started with sugarbean soup — creamy, well flavoured and earthy served with toast and butter.

The help yourself buffet includes a salad bar which unfortunately I didn’t check out until dessert time as there was a big bowlful of my favourite veg crisps — butternut, parsnip, beetroot. Will definitely look out for them next time.

Last Sunday featured roast beef and Yorkshire puddings, along with fried and battered tilapia, rice and roast potatoes. I didn’t try the fish but my Dad enjoyed his. Roast beef was good, served sliced over the bain marie with a big help yourself pot of mustard.

Seasonal vegetables included pumpkin and broccoli in cheese sauce. Many of the over 80s outdo the younger patrons with piled plates and second portions! Staff are generous and helpful and I saw the chef giving a helping hand to get a shaky oldie and his plate back to his seat.
Dessert was warming roly poly pudding and strawberry cheesecake served with cream and custard. We finished with coffee — included in the price — but skipped cheeseboard having filled up on the main course and desserts.
Had been looking forward to rib sticker malva pudding but not on the menu that Sunday. Essentially a sponge, flavoured with apricot jam and doused with a fudgy sauce made from cream, butter and sugar, malva pudding is perfect for frosty mid winter feasts. (recipe on request).
Springfever — 0772711985.