Breaking free from curses


If you are born again you are under the lordship of Christ and you have hope of gaining freedom from any curse because Christ is the bondage-breaker.

GALATIANS 3:13 Christ redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming a curse for us.
Gaining freedom from curses is not an easy task because curses have hidden spiritual roots. The typical signs are mostly noticed in the physical realm but the root causes are deeply entrenched in the spirit realm.

The uninitiated will waste time and energy trying to gain liberation from curses by using natural and physical means yet the fight is a spiritual one. Any attempt to deal with curses from any natural standpoint is like trying to completely destroy a tree by cutting off all its branches. This is futile because as long as the roots are not cut off the tree will continue to grow new branches and new shoots.
It is important to understand that all the causes of curses are spiritual. Curses have two main sources: God and Satan. And these two are entirely spiritual. Human beings and demons and anything else involved in the issuing of curses are just agents and sources. Though the sources are two, there are many causes which include involvement in idolatry and false gods, witchcraft, sorcery, divination, perverse sexual practices, dishonouring parents and authority figures and oppressing the weak and helpless.
However, it is helpless to diagnose the causes of curses and to identify their typical signs but then fail to prescribe a remedy. Breaking free from curses requires several things. And chief among them is spiritual knowledge or enlightenment.

Spiritual knowledge required to get freedom from curses is two-fold. Firstly, there is need to know that there are only two main, but unequal spiritual powers: Christ and Satan. These two have dominion in the spirit realm. One is either dominated by Christ or by Satan.

If you are born again you are under the lordship of Christ and you have hope of gaining freedom from any curse because Christ is the bondage-breaker. Conversely, if you are not born again you are under the rule of Satan and you cannot break free because Satan is the bondage-maker.
If you are not saved, you need to first receive Christ, the liberator, as your Saviour and Lord. Once Christ becomes your ruler, there is now hope for liberty from curses. Thus salvation is the forerunner of liberation from curses.
Secondly, there is need to know that being born again is not enough to free you from curses.

This means even a Christian can be under a curse until acquisition of certain knowledge leads them to freedom. John 8:32 reads: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” You need to know the truth that makes you free from curses.

Knowing that there is a divine exchange that took place on the cross when Christ died in your place and which goes into effect when you get saved is fundamental to your gaining freedom from curses. According to Derek Prince, Christ’s sacrificial death made full provision for every human need including release from curses. Galatians 3:13-14 shows that Christ became a curse on our behalf so we can enjoy God’s blessings.

Derek Prince wrote: “The atonement was a divine exchange: All the evil due to us came upon Christ, so that all the good due to him might be made available to us. If Christ had to be made a curse for us, then don’t entertain that there is no reality in a curse.” Thus knowing that Christ paid in full for your sins and that he bore your curses should give you the boldness and desire to demand your release from any curse.
Armed with the above spiritual knowledge, you can then take the following steps to gain your freedom from curses. Firstly, confess your faith in Christ and in his sacrifice on your behalf. Confession, together with believing, is necessary for receiving Christ’s redemptive benefits.
Second, repent from all your rebellion and sins, which bring curses. Before you receive God’s blessings, you need to be righteous.
Third, claim forgiveness of all your sins. Unforgiven sin is the great barrier that keeps God’s blessings out of our lives.
Fourth, confess all the sins of your ancestors, parents and relatives because sins of your tribe or family can bring umbrella curses on all members of that family or tribe.
Fifth, forgive all persons including anyone who was the agent or channel of that curse. According to Mark 11:25, your prayers are fruitless if you harbour resentment and unforgiveness in your heart.
Sixth, renounce all contact with the occult or with secret societies. Here it is important to be guided by a spiritually knowledgeable and mature person. You can ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you all occult or satanic activities that you need to renounce or break free from. Destroy all unholy objects in your possession. By so doing you cancel Satan’s claims against you.
Finally, declare in prayer boldly that Christ has set you free from any curse and confess that you have authority to bind and to loose and you release yourself from any curse. Now begin to walk by faith and not sight believing that you are now free and expecting God’s blessings and favour to come upon you. Remember to maintain your freedom by not going back .
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