Liberia Housing Authority Gives Health Workers New Homes

Monrovia - In her early 40’s, Mamoh Wilmot, a nurse aid at the SOS Clinic in Congo Town, Monrovia, had tears running down her cheeks as several health workers stirred at her during a ceremony held Monday. She has won a house from the National Housing Authority something that led her to scream in the hall when she was pronounced one of the winners of a two bedroom house. Madam Wilmot explained that she has been working at the SOS for over four years but her monthly earning is insufficient to build a house so she and her four kids are renting in a single room.

During the Ebola crises, Mamoh who was praised by her friends as one of those who was in the forefront in the fight against Ebola was happy to hear that she can now own a home. She was seen with a handkerchief in her hand as her tears continuously ran down her cheeks and was comforted by her friends. Madam Wilmot: “I am very happy to win; I don’t know what to say. I sleep in one room with my children and this is my first time coming to own a house and you see I am crying because I am just too happy”. She told FPA that during the Ebola crises her children had to leave the room because they were afraid to come in contact with her before they contact the virus as she was continuously in contact with Ebola patients.