Operation Kuka Maoto accelerates service delivery

Pretoria - Operation Kuka Maoto has accelerated service delivery in the City of Tshwane since its launch in March this year.

The City of Tshwane said Operation Kuka Maoto was established to deal with critical backlogs relating to urban management challenges, which were raised by residents.

“It was established that basic services were no longer on top of the mind of the average citizen, that overall quality of living weighed greater than access to services.

“The scope of the operation is aimed at comprehensively improving the quality of service by addressing backlogs in urban management challenges, with particular focus to critical and stressed wards across the City’s seven regions,” said the City of Tshwane.

It said Operation Kuka Maoto was implemented with the high level of intensity to improve the quality of service delivery to communities, and in the process instilling the sense of urgency and public activism amongst city officials.

“The key areas that the operation is targeting include cleaning of the cemeteries, grass cutting, pothole repairs, gravelling of roads, maintenance of parks and public facilities, road markings and signs, water leakage, street lights and high mast repairs, illegal dumping and waste management, and removal of illegal posters as well de-weeding of sidewalks and pavements,” said the City of Tshwane.

It said two days per month are dedicated to this operation, led by the executive mayor, Members of the Mayoral Council, Councillors and senior officials.

The City said the operation has so far drastically reduced critical backlogs in electricity, water and sanitation, urban management, roads and stormwater and illegal advertisements in five regions, namely 1, 3, 4, 6 and 7.

The City of Tshwane said the initiative has so far achieved milestones with regards to electricity, including repairing 1193 street lights, repairing 35 high mast lights, and disconnecting 393 illegal connections.

With regards to sanitation, the City of Tshwane said the operation has installed 851 water meters, attended to and fixed 334 water leaks, fixed 64 manholes, locked 10 fire hydrants, and repaired 28 water tanks.

For urban management, the operation has pruned 242 trees, cleared 61 illegal dumping sites, planted 92 trees, cleaned nine cemeteries, and cut 457 000m² of grass; while for roads and stormwater about 3976m2 of potholes were patched, 207 road intersections were painted, 114 road signs and poles were erected, 5.6km of roads were surfaced, 71.04km gravel roads/streets were re-gravelled, 71 catch pits were unblocked, and 24 025m² storm water channels were cleaned.

The City of Tshwane said the operation also removed 1 420 Illegal advertisements which include posters and banners, and two structures were also removed.

“While the operation has been a phenomenal success in clearing the service delivery backlog, it has also helped to accelerate the pace of service delivery. We have deliberately set the bar high to fast-track the service delivery turnaround time.

“For instance, ordinarily it took over a month to fix two or three electricity high mast lights, but during one of the operations we fixed five high mast lights within a remarkable period of five days,” said the City of Tshwane. - SAnews.gov.za