Cement Prices Will Decline Gradually in Rwanda

Juvenal Rutaganda is the operations manager and acting chief executive officer of Cimerwa cement factory. The firm unveiled a new hi-tech plant last week, which is expected to produce 600,000 tonnes of cement annually. Business Times’ Peterson Tumwebaze caught up with him after the launch of the new factory to explain why Cimerwa cement is expensive compared to imported cement, among other issues that affect local manufacturers.

Customers have for long complained about high prices of Cimerwa cement. Why is Cimerwa cement more expensive compared to imported cement?

It is true Cimerwa cement is expensive…This is mainly because of two or three reasons; we have using old and inefficient technology for quite some time… We relied on wet technology, which is expensive compared to dry technology that is more efficient. Our counterparts in the region use this technology, giving them an advantage over us.

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