Slum Dwelling Overwhelms Monrovia Lifestyle

Slum communities in Monrovia include but are not limited to St. Paul Bridge, Banjor Fishing community, Brewerville, Clara Town, Bushrod Island, Logan Town, Sinkor, Slipway, Sonewein, South Beach Bay, West Point, Buzzi Quarter, Fiamah, Wesay, Jallah Town, communities along Soniwein, Jamaica Road, Sayon Town, Saye Town, Neezoe and the commercial hubs of Red Light in Paynesville and Waterside on Water Street. One may not be wrong to say Monrovia is a slum-enveloped capitol as well as the entire Montserrado County. Somalia Drive is a massive contributor to the county’s profile. Communities such as Gardernesville, Chocolate City, Chicken Soup Factory, Doe Community and Shoe Factory are typical. Monrovia, too, is no exception: Perry Street, Capital By-Pass, the criminal den of Blagba behind the old Ministry of Defense on Buchanan Street is an integral part.

According to a 2009 Bulletin of the World Health Organization 2009, the rate of urbanization makes it very challenging to manage. A recent paper in the New England Journal of Medicine argued that urbanization is a “health hazard for certain vulnerable populations, and this demographic shift threatens to create a humanitarian disaster.”

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