Gay triumph now complete


Gay activist, Jim Obergefell of Cincinnati is photographed in his living room. He and John Arthur married

JULY 4, or Independence Day, commemorates the overthrow of the British imperialists by American patriots in the war of independence. It is big deal, as they say here.

Citizens use this day to blow off steam, dance in public and generally engage in good-natured goofy behaviour, even disgracing themselves. It is all done in good faith. The police look the other way.
In my home town, adults from an old people’s home lustily sang and danced wildly to this spicy tune.
That’s the way I like it
Chorus: Aha! Aha!
Shake Shake
Chorus: Aha! Aha!
Dressed in United States (US) flag trousers (called pants) these Bacchanalian geriatrics were regarded kindly by the good humoured populace.
But even more to the point, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) “community” had the best July 4th celebrations ever. They say that such a joyous time as this comes only once in a millennium. Their celebrations started June 27, when the US supreme court announced two rulings.
A pro-gay reprobate judge, Anthony Kennedy, announced the judgment. The issue was whether same sex marriages were protected in the US constitution. To cut a long story short, marriage is not mentioned because it was assumed, supported by immemorial custom that a man shall leave his home to find a damsel and marry her.
Having failed to find a constitutional clause, the reprobate judge strained all sensibilities to create one out of thin air, calling it equal protection under law. Same sex partners, wrote the pro-gay judge, bring with them the hope that in their marriages they are not “condemned to live in loneliness, excluded from one of civilisation’s oldest institutions. They ask for equal dignity in the eyes of the law. The Constitution grants them that right.”
For the first time, the White House was lit in rainbow colours, symbolising empathy for the LGBT community. US President Barack Obama basked in the success of the gay agenda. Obama called gay activist leader James Obergefell to congratulate him on the success of their (Obama and James) agenda.
“Sometimes there are days like this, when that slow, steady effort is rewarded with justice that arrives like a thunderbolt,” he said
While the US is only the 21ST country (including South Africa) to join the gay bandwagon, the bacchanalian-thanatotic festivals that followed for the next week can only be compared to those after the fall of the Berlin Wall.
Chief Justice John Roberts, who disagreed with the decree, nevertheless, saw the earth shattering impact it had on the future of the world. The decision cannot be justified on moral or historical grounds.
The fact remains that United States is an exceptional, confirmed in its own righteousness. As such arrangements have been put in place for the advancement of the gay agenda to the world. Already, 1 500 information officers have been dispatched to the Muslim World to spread this gospel. For the last 20 years, all foreign aid contracts have carried a clause against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. Uganda, Malawi, South Sudan and Kenya have already succumbed to this pressure.
July 4th also marks the end of Protestant denominations annual conferences. While they had foreseen the gay decision, they were unprepared for the onslaught within their own organisations. It was a complete route.
Infiltrated by earthly philosophies over the years, they were left wondering in the wilderness, as gay forces outflanked and swiftly destroyed all opposition.
South Carolina Methodists barely survived a gay resolution, but it was very close, 752 votes against 550. The pro-gay lobby promised that “they will be back, the fight is not over.” Methodists number 12 million, and are the second largest Protestant denomination after the Baptists.
The Anglicans, meeting in Utah, the home of the polygamous Mormon Christians, suffered resounding defeat, 173 delegates in favour, against last-stand motley of 27 resisters.
When the deputies took on another position on gender neutral religion, they suffered a worse defeat, 184 supporting the change against miserable 23. In this second resolution, God is no longer “Our Father in Heaven” but the Creator of the Universe.
It is, however, alright to say: “God our Mother in Heaven” or to say: “The faith of our mothers.”
There is another juicy change among Anglicans. Gays can now be married in the full communion of the church, and church wedding bells are allowed. Little boys and girls can walk in the isle to present flowers to a gay couple.
The 3,8 million members Lutheran Church (USA) which split into two denominations over the issue revisited it with wisdom gained from experience. Each individual denomination will, after prayer, instruct their pastor whether they will permit gay weddings in their church.
All this comes in the wake of Obama Care Act. The Act, designed to protect the weak and the poor from predatory insurance companies, which refuse to insure the poor, chronically sick and those with genital birth defects, erred in trying to cover everybody, including those who were already covered. The supreme court refused to be engaged in what it considered an affair properly left to Congress.
That was not, however the issue which bothered conservative Christians.
Catholic Little Sisters of the Poor objected to a clause about female health insurance. This clause requires them to participate in abortion, a subject they do not want to engage in.