Nigerian legislators to receive $43m to upgrade their wardrobes

The newly elected members of the National Assembly are set to receive a total of N8.64billion ($43 million) to change their individual wardrobes. An “allowance” which will branch out to both chambers of the National Assembly in addition to car loans and other furniture allowances.

109 members of the Senate will get 21.5 million Naira ($108,000) each for clothes, whereas the 360 members of the lower chamber-the House of Representatives, will each receive 17.5 million Naira. While two principal officers, the Senate President, the Speaker of the House and their deputies will be provided furniture by the government, 107 senators will receive 650 million Naira and 358 House of Representatives members will receive total of 2 billion Naira for the same purpose; it gets even better.

In other parts of the world, congressional allowances do not necessarily include a budget for clothing, possibly to avoid being labelled

The policy makers are granted access to car loans as senators are provided with about 867 million Naira, while House of Representatives members receive 2.8 billion Naira. Although some may argue that these figures are hardly outrageous, they come off as extravagant considering the present economic situation.

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