Adler Price Architects

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Cape Town

This Cape Town practice was started in 1998 by Neville Adler. The built work undertaken since inception and earlier covers a wide range of design types (some illustrated here) and ranges from incisive interventions using modest materials within tight budgets to multi-storey developments. General design, documentation and project administration skills have been applied to an extensive range of projects.

These include mixed use developments, luxury hospitality and conference facilities, multi-storey office, apartment and commercial developments, industrial buildings (including planning of specialist warehousing and production processes), civic buildings and high courts, schools, higher education and sports facilities, restaurants, animal hospitals, facilities for the elderly, places of worship, repairs and maintenance and luxury homes.

The practice has also undertaken specialist research projects, heritage and restoration work.

Fresh thinking is applied to each project with the focus on properly understanding and thoroughly researching the brief, on developing context specific design solutions which work and on “adding value by design”.

Issues of sustainability and energy efficiency are applied to all projects.

We work closely with our clients and endeavour to hear, understand, develop and fully address the underlying brief for each project with due consideration for programme, budget and all statutory and town planning constraints and opportunities.