SANCO chairperson asks foreigners for protection money


Filita was elected chairperson of ward 95 in Mayibuye (actual new name: Monwabisi Ngantolo) yesterday.

According to a source, the letter (see image) was distributed on 1 May to all Somali owned shops in his area stating, “We request at least R150 per shop”.

AA Editor (Alvaro Souza) : I feel that this headline is misleading. The subject is clearly not writing in his mother tongue and has difficulty expressing himself correctly in writing.

South Africans on the ground know that what the subject is doing is asking Somali shop keepers to contribute towards organising two community meetings to address the issue of xenophobia. Is this wrong? That is the issue that should be addressed.

More to the point ... Had the letter been typed and written in perfect English, would it have raised an eyebrow?

Xenophobia in South Africa is a volcanic issue at the moment. The ANC government is headed for a groin injury trying to keep a foot in each camp. Help them save our shattered image - and what is left of our economy - by avoiding sensationalist headlines.

And perhaps help SANCO (South African National Civic Organisation ) organise as many community meetings as it takes to bring xenophobia to a swift end.

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