Tongaat Mall Collapse Timeline : Findings Expected in July 2015

The Tongaat Mall Collapse commission of inquiry has concluded its hearings and is expected to produce a report of the findings by the end of May 2015.

The report will then be presented to the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP). The DPP is expected to take a month or more to establish who, if anyone, should be prosecuted for the building accident which caused two deaths and twenty nine injuries.

The commission heard expert evidence to the fact that the structure was illegaly constructed without the necessary approvals, that particular sections of the structure were not built to engineer's specification and that the contractor had not submitted concrete test cubes when requested by the engineer.

TONGAAT MALL COLLAPSE : NEWS TIME LINE : 22/11/2013 - 05/05/2015

19/11/2013     One dead, 29 injured in Tongaat Mall Roof Collapse           

19/11/2013    Workers Trapped Under Roof of Collapsed Mall                       

20/11/2013    Tongaat Mall Collapse: Culpable Homicide Case to be Opened   

20/11/2013    Tongaat Mall: Construction shouldn't have continued           

20/11/2013    Labour DG to Visit Tongaat Mall Scene                               

20/11/2013    Rescue Workers Call Off Search for Survivors                       

21/11/2013    Council must be probed over Tongaat mall collapse               

21/11/2013    Tongaat Mall Collapse Points to Unchecked Corruption           

21/11/2013    No Planning Approval for Collapsed Mall                           

21/11/2013    Tongaat Mall construction group awarded R101m tender           

22/11/2013    Probe Begins Into Building Collapse                                   

22/11/2013    Metro Considers Forced Demolition of Tongaat Mall               

25/11/2013    Tongaat Mall Collapse - The Boomerang Effect                       

27/11/2013    Search Continues at Tongaat Mall                                       

13/12/2013    ‘Singh company’ in social housing row                               

20/12/2013    'Municipality to sue Tongaat mall developer'                    

24/12/2013    'Body Found at Tongaat Mall'                                            

14/01/2014    Hearings Into Tongaat Mall Disaster to Start in February       

11/02/2014    Inquiry commission investigates Tongaat Mall collapse           

02/04/2014    Fatal Tongaat Mall Collapse caused by missing steel           

02/04/2014    Steel Bars Missing from Collapsed Mall                               

03/04/2014    Steel Bars Missing at Collapsed Mall                               

03/04/2014    Tongaat Mall plans rejected four times                               

05/06/2014    Weak concrete used at Tongaat mall                                   

06/09/2014    Tongaat mall design not irregular: Expert                        

08/09/2014    Engineer Testifies On Tongaat Mall                                   

02/03/2015    Contractor to testify in Tongaat probe                            

03/03/2015    Contractor testifies in Tongaat Mall collapse probe