South African Architect Appointed Head of UK School of Architecture

Professor Glen Mills of Johannesburg has been appointed to the position of Head: School of Architecture and Design in the University of Lincoln, UK. As Head of School Glen is responsible for overseeing and developing its portfolio of programmes, maintaining and building new academic and research partnerships, and coordinating and facilitating the School's research and income generating activities. He will actively promote strategies to enhance the impact of research carried out within the School. He also aims to increase the visibility of the School in national and global networks.

Glen is the former head of the school of architecture at Texas A&M University, a position he held for several years. Other academic slots include being a full professor of architecture in the University of the Witwatersrand.

Glen obtained his BArch degree from the University of Natal, and holds a PhD  from the University of Cape Town, which he earned in the early 1980's. His research is focused on the complexity and spatial morphology of cities and human settlements, and this scholarship has resulted in the publication of over 65 journal articles and other publications. Glen is particularly interested in the urban design of traditional cities, such Lincoln, informal settlements, and the correlations between urban form and socio-economic functions. He is currently studying relationships between spatial configuration, urban transformation and innovation in the urban economy.