Diaspora Housing Registration in Final Stage


[Addis Fortune]Designs for houses vary between regions, but options are available in all

Almost all of Ethiopian regional states have finalised their Diaspora housing program directives and are preparing to start the housing program registration.

Representatives from the regional state Diaspora offices with Ministry of Foreign Affairs Diaspora Engagement Affairs General Directorate held a meeting on the Diaspora housing development program progress review on December 12, 2014 at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA). Progress on the preparation of directives by the regional states, finalisation and standardisation of the program were the meeting agenda, according to Feisel Ali, Diaspora Engagement Affairs General Directorate director. The regions shared experiences on the issues and drew important ideas to incorporate to their directives from the meeting, stated Abreham Gebremedhin, Tigray Diaspora Coordination Office head.