Rutheiser on downtown Joburg

Our intern, Janine Adank, contributes a quote on Joburg’s “assemblage of fortified enclaves.”

“The downtown business district has come to resemble an archipelagic assemblage of fortified enclaves inhabited in the daylight hours by tens of thousands of white-collar employees, office workers, and blue-collar support staff, and abandoned at night to the legions of low-income residents and homeless squatters who have carved out tenuous shelter in the overcrowded and decaying apartment blocks scattered in pockets around the central city.”
Murray M. quotes Rutheiser. C, 1999, ‘Making Place in the Nonplace Urban Realm’ in his book Taming the disorderly city: The Spatial Landscape of Johannesburg after Apartheid
Janine Adank. Joburg Skyline


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